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Steele Creek History Quiz

(April 2, 2009) Steele Creek historian Linda Blackwelder prepared this quiz and presented it at the March 30, 2009 meeting of the Steele Creek Historical and Genealogical Society. See how much you know about Steele Creek history. (A link to the answers is at the bottom.)

1. Where was the Smith-Regal Flying Service located and what was the name of the airport?

Quiz Question 1

2. What was the name of the first manufacturing establishment in Steele Creek and where was it located and about what year was it built?  What did they make at the mill?

3. What was the name of the school in Steele Creek that was built by the Rosenwald Organization?

4. About when was Shopton established and what businesses where there and what could you buy when you went there?

5. Name two houses in Steele Creek today that are on the National Historic Register.

6. What was the name of this church built in 1883 and where was it located?

Quiz Question 6

7. Why did so many people leave Steele Creek between 1790 – 1805?  Where did they go?

8. What was the location of one of the biggest festivals held each year in Steele Creek in the early    1900s where there were games, picnicking, political speakers, etc.?  What type of game was  remembered to be the biggest competition and what was the results of winning it?

9. What is the name of this building? (photo taken between 1917 – 1920).

Quiz Question 9

10. Where was Steele Creek High School located in 1900 – 1923?  What happened to the building?

11. What were the 3 names of the ferry on Yorkville Rd. crossing the Catawba River into York Co.,  South Carolina from the 1770s to 1923 when the Buster Boyd Bridge was built?

12. Who built this home in the 1840s, where is it located and what famous person   is descended from the builder and owner of this home?

Quiz Question 12

13. What High School in Berryhill had a yearbook called “The Pinnacle”?

14. What is this building built in 1905 and where was it located?

Quiz Question 14

15. Where was Browhill?  How did it get its name?

16. What is the name of this church and where is it located?

Quiz Question 16

17. What is the name of this school and what happened to it?

Quiz Question 17

18. What is the name of this two story school and where was it located?

Quiz Question 18

See Answers.